Look idk who this/these people are that are spamming peoples inboxes with hate and stuff…

But please guys don’t let it get to you. This person literally has no idea who you are. Acknowledging it will only make it worse. You are beautiful and amazing, so take solace in that and just delete the messages.

I know anon asks can be fun to have on, but for the time being I recommend that everyone turn that setting off.

This is incredibly frustrating for me, I don’t know who his is or why they’re doing it but really guys. I can’t stress it enough that you guys not let this get to you.

You’re too good for that. So chin up :)

(if you’re reading this and you’re the person spamming people with hate…. To you I say really…? Must you insist on projecting your own insecurities on others? We all have plenty of self doubt without yor help, thank you very much. I know that either you’re unaware of the how this can actually affect others, or you’re just dealing with so many things on your own that you’re blinded by frustration…. But I recommend that you find someone to talk to, instead of finding other ways to make yourself feel better. Because this won’t work. You’ll still feel how you feel. Talk to someone. It gets better.)

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    Listen to the queen
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    i love you
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    You tell em. Omg I love her so much. I can’t.
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    This is why I love youu!!!!!!! Nellie Veitenheimer. An amazingly awesome person!!!!!
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    yep, she’s my idol and my inspiration, making me strong :) i love you nellie, so much! thanks for make me smile.
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