Lights related announcement number 1:

Alright, so!

A lot of you are requesting that my song be up on iTunes, which is amazing because that means… you want it haha. I understand that many of you are younger and may not have access to PayPal or a debit/credit card, and I really want to accommodate that. 

The reason I was hesitant at first is that iTunes takes way more of a percentage then the site I use, Bandcamp. Bandcamp also has the wonderful feature of “name your own price.”

But, after all…it’s not about the money, money, money ;) 

SO. I’m currently working on getting Lights distributed on iTunes. 

It won’t be released there for at LEAST another week. I want to encourage those who can to purchase it on bandcamp, mainly becau

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    omg! YES! i will buy it as soon as you can put in on iTunes!
  6. colorme-ember said: YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY I’ll buy it in both places. And you’re a major troll, I hope you know. :) Way to end in mid sentence. Trolling in the deep.
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    My vocabulary does not contain any words that express my love for Nellie adequately. Nellie, you’re the best and you...
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    I’m so excited to see your song on iTunes, I am unable to get it from the other website right now but I would prefer you...
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