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Glee Project, you have changed my life in about 2.6 million ways. I wish the exit interviews were 10 minutes instead of 1, because I could have gone on and on about the 50 million emotions I was feeling. 

Frustrated? Of course. To be told you ‘don’t want it enough’ and for that being a large part of why you go home? Oy.

But after all that crazy processing, I realized the biggest two things I gained: 
A group of people who I will forever care about, who have helped change my perspective, and who never let me give up on myself. And a new perspective on myself. 

I have so much more confidence in who I am and what I am capable of, and I have each and everyone of you to thank. 

The first comment on this is a little note for all of you:


Abraham: Watching you slowly let  yourself be vulnerable on the show was amazing. In you I’ve found a friend that I can know trust, and always been incredibly sarcastic and brooding around ;) Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, and everything you’ve been there for.

Ali: Your positivity is amazing. You’re hilarious, intelligent and kind. You are one of the few people I feel I can tell anything. You deserve each and every single opportunity that is coming your way. You radiate light, and it’s impossible to not see that. 

Aylin:  From the beginning I’ve admired you, first for being so sure and proud of yourself, and then for showing that more vulnerable side of you. Continue to be everything that you are, and you will surely inspire many. 

Blake: Thank you for always being there for every single person on this cast. You are an amazing friend and an amazing person. I know if I ever need anything, I can count on you, and you better know the same. 

Charlie: You were my brother on the show. You’re so incredibly crazy, I love it. I’ll always be here to say “Charles….no,” and you know you can talk to me about anything.  I’m so glad to have met you, and am so excited to work on music together in the future. 

Dani:  I could go on and on about you. Your attitude towards life is so much of what I am striving for. You helped remind me of the bigger picture on the show, and I’m so glad to have met you.

Lily: You ball of fire, you. It’s been amazing watching the journey you’ve taken on this show. You reminded me of how great people are, because changes can happen. Thank you for keeping your eyes open and allowing this journey to take you where it has. 

Mario: You are so incredibly inspiring. Don’t ever forget the reason that everyone was so excited to have you in the house that very first day. The strides you have taken in your life are enough. Never forget that. 

Maxfield: You are the epitome of a southern gentleman. You were another amazing example of how far people can come in their lives. I hope you continue writing, because boy…you are amazing. 

Michael: I’m honestly so glad I went before you because I legitimately don’t know how I would have functioned on this crazy crazy show without you. No, but really. Thank you for keeping me sane, thank you for your trust, and thank you for our friendship. I’ll cherish it always.

Shanna: You are one of the strongest women I know. I admire the person you are. You have gone through so much, and yet you keep a smile on your face and Jesus in your heart. Thank you for  reminding us all of how strong a person really can be. 

Tayrn: I remember first meeting you at callbacks, thinking you were this shy little thing. But then you became this little ball of fire. You have more tenacity then anyone on the cast, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that you will never give up on your dreams. 

Tyler: I’m so happy that we’ve been able to become closer following the end of the show. You are such a brave and inspiring person, and I’m so excited to be sharing the beginning of this journey with you. 

To the entire crew, including producers, videographers, sound guys, PA’s, cast handlers, casting coordinators, everyone in post production, and the mentors:

Thank you for giving us all this journey, for making it something special and unique, and for going on that journey with us. Knowing we had your support was amazing and I know we all cherish it.

The work you have put into this show has paid off times a thousand. You’ve created something that touches people in a different way, and changed all of our lives in so so many ways.

Thank you so much, to everyone.  

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