don’t you dare tell me what to do
insecurity, rebellion, mixed in the view-
finder’s keepers
i found me
i’ll keep her
far from you


Greetings, Humans.

Hey guys. Gonna be revamping my tumblr soon and hopefully putting some blogs up as well. 

Sorry for my absence online as of late, I’ve been crazy busy adding things to my life. You can always find me on Twitter or Instagram for little tidbit’s here and there, but look forward to more blogs/essays that I plan to submit to places like Thought Catalog as well.

See you around :)

Show! June 4th, 21+ with Kat and The Canaries. I will hopefully have a drummer at this show so come on out for an awesome set :))

Random clip from the show last night. From a new song, “David.”

Show this Saturday! 
All new music! 
Special guests!
Free high fives!
(Last one is a lie.)

I remember on [The Glee Project] saying a little phrase that goes a little like “Fake it ‘til you make it”.

If you haven’t seen the video, it’s here:


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So sorry I’ve been off tumblr lately, guys. It was taking up SO much of my time but lemme tell you I’ve been up to awesome stuffs. 

I’ll be informing you of more details in the coming months, but I’ll let you in on my number one goal…


It’s gonna happen, finally. We’re talking full length. Not one, not four, but hopefully somewhere around TEN songs.  I already have a lot of (brand-new-you’ve-never-heard-of-before) songs that could potentially work for it and I’m super super excited. I have some ideas on how to help it come to fruition, but the goal is to be working on it by summer.

Telling you guys first and foremost because I miss tumblr and you all and because I don’t know a terrible amount of details yet. Figured I can at least let you know where my brain is at.

Sorry I’ve been absent from a lot of stuff lately, but as cheesy as it sounds I’ve really been finding myself and FINALLY have real passions and goals. Feeling more driven about music than I ever have, and I’m so excited to share more soon.


You are the quiet between your thoughts.

Art class session. 2nd time using charcoal, it’s so funnn. Wish the class was longer. No filter ‘cause that’s cheating.

Art class session. 2nd time using charcoal, it’s so funnn. Wish the class was longer.